Portrait - Fine Art - Street Photography

Greetings and a warm welcome to my digital and film abode Portrait – Fine Art – Street Photography —I’m Lucian Roman. Over the last 15 years, I’ve been blessed with the extraordinary opportunity to narrate stories through my camera’s lens. This space is where my fervour for photography intersects with the digital realm, transforming each photograph into a segment of the extensive visual story I’ve been meticulously assembling.

To me, portraiture transcends the mere act of photographing a person; it’s an intimate process of uncovering the intricate layers of emotion and identity that render each individual distinct. My odyssey in portrait photography has led me down a path of discovering the essence of the human condition, immortalized within the confines of a photograph. Whether it’s a fleeting, candid snapshot or a deliberately staged composition, my objective is to forge images that elevate beyond the commonplace, offering a window into the essence of those I photograph.

Embarking further into the domain of fine art photography, my camera transforms into an artist’s brush, with each snapshot serving as a blank canvas poised for embellishment. The splendour of the natural world, the unspoken lyricism found in the mundane, and the intricate interplay of light and shadow fuel my creative fire. The outcome is a gallery of images, each meticulously designed to convey a narrative that extends far beyond the superficial gaze.

I’m profoundly grateful for your presence here. Whether your interest lies in the realm of portraiture, the intricate beauty of fine art and street photography, or perhaps a blend of both, I invite you to delve into the narratives my camera and I have captured over these 15 years. Together, let’s embark upon this visual odyssey.